Mast and boom HallSpars, aluminium alloy.

Reefing Reckmann hydraulic in mast furling system

Boomvang HallSpars mechanical.

Spinnakerboom HallSpars, carbon.

Spinnakerboom Selden short one to stay sail (new 2019)

Sheet winches 2 Lewmar 64 CHST hydraulic genoa winches.

1 Lewmar 44 CST manual main sheet winch.

2 Lewmar 48 CST manual staysail sheet winches.

Halyard winches 2 Lewmar 44 CST manual halyard winches

Anderson spinnaker line driver.

Standing rigging Dyform stainless steel 12mm. Head stay & Inner forestay rod wire (all new 2019)

Genoa furl 1 Reckmann hydraulic furl (Service by Reckman in 2019)

Cutter furl 1 Reckmann hydraulic furl.

Backstay tensioner 1 Manual hydraulic pump cylinder.

Halyards & Sheets (New 2020)

Tracks and hardware Lewmar Ocean sz 3. (new in 2020 for main sail)

Sail mesure I: 21745 J:6000 P:19500 E:6260

Orginal sails Hood woven polyester (Dacron) 1998

1 Furling main sail

1 Furling Genoa

Elvstrom sails (Crosscut Hydranet HM 480) New in 2014

1 Furling mail sail 66,5m2

1 Furling Genoa 140% 88,6m2

1 Furling Stay sail 75% 30,5m2

Sail covers to Genoa and staysail (New 2022)


1 Gennaker 180m2 (2010) with Selden furler GX25 (2017)

1 Gennaker Supercote 130, 191.8m2 2with funnel (2015)

Hydraulic power pack 1 Lewmar Hydraulic Commander, with 6 operating functions.