General Double-wire-insulated 24V-DC and 230V-AC system.

Materials are approved for sea going ships use.

The 24V and 230V wires are mounted in individual cable tracks.

3 Mastervolt Domestic batteries, MLI Ultra 24/5500 Heavey Duty (New 2021)

2 Mastervolt gel batteries 12v x 200Ah (24v) main enginee start batteries and bow truster

2 Mastervolt gel batteries 12v x 85Ah (24v) generator start batteries

Mastervolt alternator Alfa Compact 28/150VP on main enginee to charge batteries, first domestic and then start batteries. (New 2021)

1 Perkins alternator 24v 55Ah to main enginee start batteriers.

Mass Combi Pro 24/3500-100 (New 2021) 

Onan Generator MDKAF 230V - 7kW powered by 1.8 l 4 cyl Kubota Diesel in sound shield

Shore connection Mastervolt isolation transformer.

Navigation and deck lights, Hella extra strong LED (top 5NM, green/red 3NM and stern 2NM)

1 3-colour masthead light Hella LED  (2NM)

2 Spreader down-lights. LED (New 2020)

4 Uplight on mast (New 2020)

Solarpannel by Victron BlueSolar Monokristall 190w (2017) added 2x200x (2019) total of 590w

Windgenerator Silentwind 400w (2017)